Sorry I don’t post much any more. I am trying to come on here more than I have been over the past few months.
I need some new blogs to follow, send me some usernames in my inbox who you’ll think I will like. 

Snapchat: kylemichaels92

Hey guys, I know most of you probably won’t do this, so I’m calling out to the people who will.
If you have a spare 2 minutes could you go on and just click around on pages and posts, and stuff. Follow the blog if you have a WordPress account, and use dummy (or real) emails to subscribe to my blog?
It would be a big help, and it’s for a University assignment, not just me wanting to look like I have a lot of hits on my blog.

On there you’ll see links to my Twitter account and my Facebook page, could you give them a Follow/Like as well if you wouldn’t mind! :)
Thank you so much.. and let me know if you did it so I can thank you personally. 

When people write a simple sentence then give it a million hashtags.

#words #sentences #write #simple #IWroteThisMyself #alphabet #ICanSpell  #People #million #hashtag #followme #post #blog #me #ILikeKetchup

Just no.

hello today is tuesday and i like sentences with question marks at the end of them please make my day

My boyfriend has a blog now.
You can stalk him here.

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Also leave me questions, ect.. so I can get back into the swing of using Tumblr often. Because I keep on forgetting to come on here and it’s sad.

Uploading pictures from Leeds Festival. Sorry if you’re not interested but it’s my blog.

I started a blog. Basically I’m training myself up so I can take part in the Sea to Sea cycle challenge in September 2013. I explain a lot more on the actual blog. I’m using it as a training diary of sorts but it would be cool if you’d subscribe and follow along too :)  





Surely one of these homos showing their abs on my dash could come and be my boyfriend maybe.

→ Surely there's more asks than that?